Trim Daddy Review Trimming up some cannabis buds and reviewing the new Trim Daddy

Trim Daddy Review. Trimming up some cannabis buds and reviewing the new Trim Daddy. Take a look at this AWESOME product. This was sent to me by the nice people of Trim Daddy. Now that the video is done its getting cleaned up and given away for another awesome prize in the subscriber count giveaway contest!!!!!!!!!

Cannabis Contest Is Live White Widow Week 6 Flower Growing with LED’s. Remember to watch the full video to try to find the number or numbers for the first digit of the secret telephone number to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUBSCRIBER CONTEST IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I have 2 contest going as of today. The normal Subscriber contest where all your comments count and also the secret/hidden Easter egg contest!!!! BOTH are Going RIGHT NOW.

Cannabis 101 SECRET CONTEST $$$2,500 CASH Grand Prize. I have designed a contest where you will have to find hidden numbers thru out the next 10 videos. If you do, that will give you a phone number to call. If you have gotten the number correctly you will hear my voice telling you that you are officially entered into the contest. make sure you leave your name and YouTube screen name on the voicemail. also I have included all the links below that you YOU NEED TO SUBSCRIBE TO, TO WIN THE FULL AMOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember to Like, Comment and subscribe. Also remember to watch til the end of the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



TWITCH- ( come hang out and play Warzone) always a live chat

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