Backyard Cannabis Farming Episode 13: Trimming – FINAL Episode of the Season!

This season of backyard cannabis creation has been amazing, and I am so glad Steemit has allowed me the opportunity to share my little bit of wisdom about this field with the world. Only through practice can you fully understand the nuances of growing this plant in your area. Always remember that it starts with your genetics, quality genetics = quality results, selecting the appropriate strain(s) for your situation is a vital key to a successful grow.

This final episode explains the appropriate order of steps to take when processing (trimming) your cannabis flowers. I explain what “bucking” is, the importance of keeping fan leaf and sugar leaf separate (and what those two things are), how using trim trays creates additional kief (trichrome crystals) you can collect, how to stack finger hash, and explain how we turn fan leaf into cannabis infused coconut oil for cooking medicated edibles. I also show off my favorite type of scissors I like using for this process (curved titanium).

I am super grateful for a successful, bountiful season in my backyard garden, and am stoked I could bring almost every step of the process for you to learn from, and maybe even apply the techniques I have demonstrated in this series to your own grow one day. Thank you to everyone who has been following my *Backyard Cannabis Farming* series this season, blessings.

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