Companion Planting, Permaculture – Cannabis Pest Control 101

Learn About Companion Plants, The Benefits Of Permaculture For Your Cannabis, And Their Ability To Control Pests In Your Garden. What Are The Best Indoor Or Outdoor Cannabis Companion Plants? What Are The Best Multi-Purpose Companion Plants For Weed? Organically Control Pests In Your Garden Long Term Using Companion Planting Permacultura.

Natural Cannabis Pest Control – Spider Mites, Aphids & Fungus Gnats:

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Lesson Timeline
Lesson Overview – 0:25
Already Infested? – 0:52
What Is Companion Planting? – 1:37
The Benefits Of Companion Planting – 2:08
Categories Of Pest Controlling Companion Plants – 3:22
Beneficial Insect Attracting Companion Plants – 4:30
Pest Repelling Companion Plants – 5:45
Multi-Combatant & Multi-Purpose Companion Plants – 7:28
Lesson Review – 9:10

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