Winter Cannabis Grow – All Natural

I started germinating these bag seeds on December 25th. They were either covered in a clear storage tote or put inside whenever the temp dropped below 45-50 degrees.

This was my first time ever planting cannabis seeds. This is just proof of concept to understand what a cannabis plant will do if you grow it without artificial light/environment/etc during the “wrong time of the year” outside in Southern California.

I have much more to learn but to me these results were very positive 🤙

I can’t wait to start a new batch now that the real season is starting.

My mix is about:
50% wholesale compost w/ perlite ($30/ cubic yard)
40% backyard soil
10% natural fertilizers:chicken manure, worm castings, worm leachate, wood ash, egg shells coffee grounds.

Mother Nature provides everything you need.

Happy growing.

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