Trimming Cannabis with TempleGrower

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Hello my fellow Marijuanauts! This is a video about trimming and manicuring cannabis! I usually prefer to do a wet trim, and that is what this video demonstrates. Wet trimming (for me) is trimming/manicuring the buds AS SOON as they are harvested. You can do this with the buds either left on the stem, or by cutting each individual bud from the stem and then trimming off all the little sugar leaves sticking out. I often use a drying rack (check out my drying video to see it in action) and if space permits, will cut them right off the stem and lay them in the rack.
The plant I trim in this video is very small but, you can obviously scale up and repeat the technique if you have more and bigger plants (which you likely do!)


Trimming shears (Fiskars) –
Trimming Shears (Orange type – Growneer brand)) –
Drying Rack –

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