Legal Canadian Cannabis Grow 2021 – 3rd week of Flower

This vid here’s the 3rd week of flower for my Organic Cannabis grow. Here in Canada, households are welcome to grow up to 4 plants & with my ACMPR I am allowed to grow further more for my own Medicine

The 2 Cultivars are freebies included from my 420 SEEDSMAN order, there’s:
-Bubba Kush (by SEEDSMAN)
-Phantom Domina Cookies (by Garden of Green)

In this week’s plant medicine update I mix an organic solution certified by EcoCert called ‘Miicrobial Mass’ it’s very similar to a very well known product in the US called Mammoth 🦣 P . They both introduce microbes into the soil to help the root systems uptake nutrients a fair bit more efficiently. A lot of the nutrients in soil needs help to be broken down into smaller size particles for maximizing it’s contribution to plant growth 🪴

+ During the 3rd week of flower make sure to do a rather thorough defoliation to: Help increase AirFlow, Boost the photon (particles from a light source, in nature that’s the ☀️) count that reaches the bud sites & helps promote the plant into developing further faster into it’s flowering cycle

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