How to Quit Smoking Weed (#1 Marijuana Addiction Info & Recovery System)

By far the best system for overcoming a severe marijuana addiction: learn how to quit weed easily.

There is a lot of great information packed into this video:
-My personal story with cannabis addiction & recovery
-An exploration of how marijuana is physically addictive
-Looking into what are the withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking weed
-A psychological & holistic perspective on how marijuana addiction works
-A highly systematic approach for easily stopping smoking weed

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This video reflects insights from my 10-year journey with cannabis addiction. I had dropped out of school several times, quit jobs, avoided family & friends because I had an out of control weed habit. I tried to quit for years but I couldn’t pull it off. They will tell you that weed is not addictive, but I managed to quit chain-smoking cigarettes, but I found quitting pot to be far more difficult. I experienced severe withdrawals from weed.

In one course I took on the behavioural neuroscience of drugs we learned how THC increases dopaminergic transmission in the brain, and how anything that increases dopamine transmission can become physically addictive. So there is clear evidence and rationale that marijuana is physically addictive as well as psychologically addictive.

I am now one year sober from my pot addiction & my path of marijuana recovery is going strong.

After I quit smoking weed, I returned to university to study psychology & behavioural neuroscience and am now one of the best students in the department. I wake up at 4:30AM to meditate, practice yoga, exercise and get started on the day. My entire life has completely turned around.

The best way to quit smoking weed that I learned involves breaking down pot addiction into 3 components:
1. The THC/high
2. The ritual component
3. The social component

I learned that by tackling each component individually I could reduce the intensity of the marijuana withdrawals and my weed cravings & make the process of quitting weed far more manageable.

I explore substituting THC weed with CBD weed (with no THC) in the early days of quitting. I also explore microdosing psilocybin mushrooms to help reset early on. Lifestyle changes are also explored. This is a very holistic and systematic approach to stopping smoking weed that should make things much easier for you if you have tried and failed many times to overcome marijuana addiction.

There is far more information about weed addiction & recovery in the video so be sure to check it out!

This really is the best way to quit smoking marijuana: it’s not merely a collection of tips for stopping weed, but rather, it is an entire cannabis recovery system.

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