🍓🍫IT’S SO EASY! THC Infused Strawberry Milk Chocolates Recipe! | Canna Coconut Oil

This video will show you how to make cannabis infused Strawberry Milk Chocolates. I used canna coconut oil for this recipe. Each chocolate will be about 30mg each depending on the potency of your oil. I use high potency shake to make all my sugar, oils and honey. Enjoy!

2 cups White Chocolate wafers
1 cup Dark Chocolate wafers
½ cup Freeze dried strawberries
1 tsp strawberry flavoring
1 tsp coco powder (optional)
🌱Canna coconut oil
Candy molds

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Items used in video:
Natierra Nature’s Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries

LorAnn Strawberry Super Strength Flavor

Marijuana Leaf Molds

6-pack Silicone Candy Molds

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