Manure Can DESTROY Your Garden: Here’s How!

There’s herbicide in manure across America that will destroy your garden for years. I write about this in my book Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting ( – but the other day, sadly, I got to see the damage in person… yet again. This time I had my camera at the ready and captured the herbicide manure damage for you to see live. Even composting won’t fix this stuff!

I’ve written on this problem multiple times at, but today I got a chance to film some tomato plants that were wrecked by Aminopyralid manure. Aminopyralids, which are contained in herbicides such as Grazon, are present in a significant percentage of hay, straw and manure supplies. DO NOT put manure on your garden unless you’re very, very sure it came from animals that didn’t graze on an herbicide-contaminated field – or animals that have eaten hay from outside your farm. Otherwise, you’ll face poisoned garden plots like the poor tomato plants in today’s video are growing in.

Watch your back.

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