Harvest Baby Oct 1st 2020 Backyard Cannabis Grow with Rando

I’ve harvested about a third of the garden so far and I estimate over 10 pounds of dried and trimmed. If I can do 30 pounds or more this year I’m going to be one happy Mo Fo.
I want to hav everything chopped down this month except for the Jamaican Blue Mountain crossed with Lambs Breath which might not be ready till Nov or Dec. We usually have mild winters here in Central Ca so they shud have time to finish. My infrared motion detectors sounded off a few times, last night at 4:30 it went off and I got up and went out there and sat silently listening. It sounded like some one walking thru the grass next door and I heard the wind chimes go off and ther was no wind. I also heard a car door shut and an engine start up and drive off. Also Rambo lets off a deep bark and that wud discourage most low life thieves. There is still plenty of time for the shit to hit the fan so I’m really cautious. I’m already planning my winter indoor grow and next years backyard grow. Luv ya man… Let’s frikin grow… Rando

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