Want a Weed Free Garden? This is the Only Thing You’ll Need.

After doing this video, I realized one thing I completely neglected to say: tillage bings up weed seed, so another weed prevention tactic is simply do not till. At worst, while we’re transitioning to entirely no-till, we harrow—the tiller is getting ready to go the Craigslist. What are your tactics?

Something I also don’t say this in the video is the rules for this week’s contest are mostly non-existent except that I will choose a winner at some point this week before the video goes up. Fun fact, Charles Baudelaire is one of my favorite poets (which would probably blow him away since he died completely out of print). He was a naturalist (that’s the one that’s not a nudist, right?) and wrote some of the most beautiful observations about some of nature’s most disgusting things. One poem I think of in particular is Une Charogne, The Corpse, where he sort of observes that out of the putrescence of this dying corpse that he finds (I think metaphorically?) death is giving back one hundred times what it stole (in maggots and bugs and animals and etc.) from life. It’s strangely pretty stuff. Correspondence is fun because it is more about the communication between man and nature. So yeah, totally appropos of nothing, I love Baudelaire. Totally. Also appopos of nothing, here are some links you should click on:

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