Cooking With Cannabis Episode 3: JeffThe420Chef and his Canna-Apple Roses

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Episode 3: JeffThe420Chef and his Canna-Apple Roses

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In the latest episode of “Cooking with Cannabis”, we step into the kitchen with JeffThe420Chef to make his famous Canna-Apple Roses! As he describes it, “It tastes like a pie, but it looks like a rose.” This is the perfect Mother’s Day recipe for that extra special someone in your life.

Author of “The 420 Gourmet: The Art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine” cookbook and host of the “Wake and Bake with JeffThe420Chef” podcast, Jeff is the only cannabis chef in the world who specializes in cooking and baking with specially crafted, strain-specific “Light Tasting” and “Tasteless” canna-butters and canna-oils. Each is created to achieve the health and wellness goals of those who choose to medicate with cannabis.

Use Jeff’s Cannabis Calculator to be sure each of your recipes is precisely dosed. That calculator is absolutely free to you here:

Be sure to check out JeffThe420Chef at his website and pick up a copy of his fabulous cookbook “The 420 Gourmet”:

Looking for a light tasting cannabutter? Get Jeff’s recipe here: PLUS learn how to clean your cannabis and hemp properly by following this link:

About Jeff

“The Julia Child Of Weed” – Daily Beast

Author of The 420 Gourmet; The Art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine (Harper Wave, 2016) cookbook, JeffThe420Chef is the inventor of Culinary Cannabis, odorless pre-rolls cannabis flower and “tasteless” canna-oil and cannabutter.

Jeff rose to prominence as one of the world’s top cannabis chefs by using molecular gastronomy and culinary deconstruction to reinvent the cannabis consumption experience. He is also the Executive Chef of Monica’s House, a cannabis edibles consumption lounge coming soon to West Hollywood. Through his creations, Jeff is revolutionizing the cannabis consumption experience.

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