UK Cannabis Laws : In conversation with Simpa Carter


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In this episode Simpa and I talk cannabis and the law in the United Kingdom, including legalisation efforts, changing laws around medical cannabis and the future of cannabis legalisation in Britain.

Chapter List
00:22 Intro
00:53 Cannabis Legality in the United Kingdom
1:27 Cannabis in the early 2000’s
3:10 UK coffeeshops of the era
4:07 Cannabis law changes and a flip reversal from a Class C drug
5:40 ACMD
8:00 The Many uses of cannabis
8:47 Criminalisation of Cannabis (1920s)
10:14 Dangerous Drugs Act (1964) + misuse of drugs act (1971)
11:04 Harms and Evidence
12:42 Seeds of change
14:00 UK and the drug trade
15:00 why did things start to change?
16:45 Skunk psychosis
18:55 Situation in France
19:35 Big tobacco and cannabis
23:20 Medical vs street narrative
25:20 Capitalism
26:18 What will drive legalisation in the UK?
28:46 Reparations
31:10 False dichotomies
34:00 Medical Patients and being a legal cannabis consumer in the UK
37:19 Activists
41:48 vernacular
42:39 What we can do
44:35 Coming together to change the conversation
45:18 what does Simpa think is coming with legalisation in the UK?
48:55 Application of cannabis and narratives around legalisation
49:54 Tyler’s view on when will we legalise and who will legalise cannabis
51:30 Environmental arguments for legalisation
53:30 Origins of our view on drugs
55:14 Minimising harms
56:45 Next Episode
57:50 Outro

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