How to Easily & Cheaply Make Your Own Garden Grow-Lights: Kelvin & Lumens, I Take You Shopping!


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I take you shopping to stores and show you the bulbs and fixtures needed to easily and cheaply make your own seed start grow lights. I explain the ratings of Kelvin and Lumens as they are the key to buying the right lights. This video fully explain everything you need to know to make your first garden grow-lights for as low as 25 dollars. Give it a try! And subscribe for 2019 as I will show you all the steps of setting up your grow closet through raising transplants of your favorite flowers and vegetables.

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A couple product examples from Amazon to get you looking!
2 light T-8 Shop-Light Fixture (no bulbs)
2 LED lights and Fixture (5000K 3600L)
2 T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs (6500K 2350L)
1 T-8 Fluorescent Bulb (6500K 2850L
Just use the above for ideas to get you looking!

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Amazon Link for Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Dust
Amazon Link for BT Bacillus Thuringiensus

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