Cheap DIY Hydroponic System with LED Grow light: Report 6


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I built this cheap DIY hydroponic system 5 weeks ago and planted the Basil. Cheap DIY hydroponic systems can be made using just about anything as you can see by my cheap DIY experiment.

These DWC Basil where left on the window sill for about 4 weeks but they started showing signs of stretching due to a lack of natural light so just after report 5, I added an LED grow light which was very cheap. The basil now live entirely under LED lighting and they seem to be progressing well.

I add Some nutrients to the solution that the basil live in maybe once every fortnight. It seems the roots are turning brown but I think this is due to a high pH. Its currently at 7.5 and it should definitely be closer to 6-6.5.

My kitchen and house are generally warm and their is a humidity of around 68-75% most days. I think the warm days, humid air and long LED light times are helping to keep the Bad ass basil growing.

I’m definetly going to bring the pH down after payday as this is hindering their progress. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments below. Thank you for watching.

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