Thais React To Cannabis Legalization | Street Interview


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Can you imagine your government giving out 1 million cannabis plants so people can cultivate them at home? That’s what recently happened in Thailand after it became the first Asian country to partially legalize cannabis by allowing the growing and selling of it to boost its economy. While personal use is heavily discouraged by the government, some locals have concerns about decriminalizing cannabis in the first place.
Southeast Asia is known to have some of the world’s strictest drug laws, so we were curious to find out how Thais feel about this move.

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Reaction to the news
2:58 – Previous punishment of cannabis possession
3:48 – Reasons for legalizing cannabis in Thailand
4:40 – Do you agree with the legalization?
6:37 – Downsides of the adjusted cannabis law
7:43 – Have you smoked cannabis before or would you try it?
8:40 – Change in Thai people’s perception of cannabis
10:00 – Why do you think Thailand is the first Asian country legalizing cannabis?
11:32 – Do you think Thailand will ever allow the smoking of cannabis in public?

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